Quidditch at Camp Common Ground!

Common Ground is not only expanding to being a year-round facility, but it is exploding into the wizarding world as well. Yes, there really is a Hogwarts and the Boy Who Lived is alive! Somehow Connor Timmons, our new Program Coordinator, has access to the rules and games of that world. Is he a really a Muggle or maybe just a Squib? If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, skip this blog post because it is totally about Quidditch at Camp Common Ground!

Connor came into the season with lots of ideas. As many of you know, I am a slow processor and ponderer of new things, but I jumped up and shouted “Yes!” when he mentioned playing Quidditch at Camp Common Ground. Some of you may not know I am a Harry Potter fanatic. I have read and listened to each book many times. What do you think I do on those long drives to Vermont? I like the movies too. Despite the voluminous inhaling of J.K. Rowlings' work, I always find new things I hadn't noticed before.

So Quidditch at Camp was a no brainer. Connor and I had our first bonding moment while searching for a trunk at Recycle North. We needed a trunk for the Snitch, Quaffles, and Blodgers. It had to be large because our snitches were cute kids dressed up in yellow! Let me set the stage. All of Camp got involved in this extravaganza.

First there were the sign-ups for kids and adults. People actually cared which team they were assigned to and if they got to play. We all got into the house characters (Griffindor, Ravenclaw, Slittherin, Hufflepuff), but you must read the books to learn more about that.

The day of the event Connor, Jim, and Kim Dunkley dressed up like wizards and carried the trunk with the human snitch onto the field. Everyone from Camp attended. Talor Stewart and Chris Canning provided just the right tenor to the scene with some well-placed percussion. Veronica Gadbois created capes for the teams and Melynda Schudrich helped make team banners. Each player was required to run around the field with a noodle between their legs and yes we did it!

I forget who played what positions and even what team I was on. I know that I was totally in the moment, flying around on my broom chasing people and waiting for our Seeker to catch the Snitch. I laughed so hard watching other adults acting like, well, like Quidditch players and seeing the intensity of even the youngest children race up and down the field. Thanks Connor!

And next year, can you bring Harry and his family to Camp?

- Carole