Morning Yawn Revisited

Morning Yawn: Revisited

This poem is a “remix” of the Morning Yawn, Camp Common Ground’s daily “newspaper.” The poem was written by camper Sally DeJesus during Week Three of Camp Common Ground in 2013 and performed at the Big Show. Below is a photos of Sally with her son at Camp.

Partly sunny thunderstorms likely

cloudy showers

check in/check out

unpack bubbles

sign in/sign out

just get here,

dead or alive, be ready

getting to know your illusions

strangers in the dark

are tired of looking

for bug spray.

Back to the dawn of time

over the mountain

walk it, hike it, uphill, flat

is anyone going to Burlington?

After lunch at 1:30 we

will wade in from the heat

don't turn back

lift every voice

there's Gold-bags of Gold


in glass objects, how to fold

pop cereal

chocolate masterpiece pizza

pulling pizzicato patiently

sing-along and transition to the real world

just outside your icky dishes

we suggest you help out

push it

you decide

up to this minute

you decide


get emblematic

sated with original music

treated humanely

add your name to it

compassionate bludgers

and the like

Common Ground

Common Community

Common Friendships

Common strained attempts

to express and

interpret spatial


we have the cure:

keep soap, glass, bears

guitar picking. Quidditch pitch

on the beach at



check it

your right...

you might

cha-cha shuffle slide

your hip hop tweet

THIS and join us