A Little Night Baseball with the Boys

by Connor Timmons

There are a lot of stereotypes about what happens when you get a group of guys together. Personal hygiene declines, language standards and general vocabulary takes a dip, confrontational situations arise. I am happy to report that none of those situations were present during our latest Blacksmithing Weekend here at CGC…well maybe the hygiene. We had a fantastic group of guys turn out for our annual event and I am happy to report that we have settled in to a weekend at the end of October for the foreseeable future. For those who are wonder what the heck we do over the weekend, I can give you a small sneak peak. However, as anyone who has attended one of our summer men’s groups knows, details are off limits. This year we had a great time working with Steve in the workshop molding, hammering and working metal to fit our individual visions. Once again it was something that looked intimidating but turned out to be a lot of fun…kind of like men’s group. Some fashioned bottle openers, others crafted letters and numbers and a few fashioned tools from steel. While the ironwork remains a key part of the weekend, probably the most critical thing we forged were the new friendships and shared understandings. We told stories, gave and received great advice (when it was solicited) and we taught each other to play poker.

Indeed for me one of the great moments of the weekend was when Fred Kosnitsky (2014 week 4) and Sam Silverman (longtime CGC Alum) introduced the guys to a handful of new and exciting ways to play the game (including a version called night baseball.) They were both great teachers and a patient players and we all learned a lot from him that night, especially those of us who really didn’t know what the heck we were doing. This is one of the key reasons I love our men’s weekend; we are continually finding ways for men to learn things about themselves and others in a safe and comfortable environment. One stereotype about groups of guys getting together is totally accurate; it’s always a lot of fun.