Connecting Across Faith During the Holidays

At Common Ground Center, we create a space where people can connect across differences. During the holiday season, we find ourselves connecting across faith with a universal message of love, cheer, and togetherness. Participants in our programs and groups that rent our site represent a multitude of faiths and spiritualities, and it is truly a blessing to be a part of the rich community that celebrates these differences.

One of our longtime campers and founder of Sim Shalom Online Synagogue, Steve Blane, has captured that spirit in his latest holiday song, "Gonna Light the Lights Tonight".

"I wanted to capture that classic holiday joy and bounce but make it inclusive, and give it my own spin," said Rabbi Steve Blane. "Gonna Light the Lights Tonight" melds Hannukah, Kwanza, and Christmas into a melodic, welcoming home for celebrants of every faith.

We'd like to wish our friends in the Common Ground community a holiday season that is full of light!