We had a lot of great poems and stories come out of camp this's one of our favorites!

We are accepting nominations for Common Ground Center's board of directors. Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting, to be held Sunday, November 3, 2014 from 9:30 am to Noon, followed by lunch.

October is a gorgeous time to be at Common Ground Center! As you view these photos, try to imagine the sound of crunching leaves and the smell of crisp autumn air!

And so it was that I said, to 115 people all sporting that look of incredulity that what appeared to be happening was happening, “It is a holy thing when a commitment is made to each other in the presence of community to sanctify and strengthen that vow. This is not a promise merely to ourselves or one another, but to all of us who bear witness.”

Philip attended Camp Common Ground with his lovely partner Stephanie and their two daughters. He read his "Letter from Camp" at the Big Show on July 25, 2013.

People often ask us, "What do you do at CGC when we're not doing camp?". Perhaps a more appropriate question would be, "What don't we do?".

Calia (formerly Nicki) Marshall grew up at Camp Common Ground. Today we all love her dance classes and yoga, and she is a favorite of our teen contingent. Often I forget life outside of Starksboro while I am at Camp so am amazed to meet up with folks in New York, Boston, Maryland and learn what they do otherwise.

Well, we've made it through the solstice, the hectic holidays, and the end of 2012! In the last few weeks of December, our gorgeous site transformed from a grassy meadow complete with a rainbow to a snowy winter wonderland! We've been sledding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing since the snow started flying.

The deadline for early registration for Camp Common Ground is December 12, 2012. Click for more information on fees & registration. It's never soon to start planning for next summer!

To say that Common Ground Center had a busy year in the rental department would be putting it mildly. We’ve had unprecedented traffic from such varied groups of people, and by the looks of it, 2013 will be even busier! Twenty-four different groups came to see the beauty of our site, some of them for multiple trips!