Thanks to all who participated and attended our Eco-Lodge Grand Opening this past Saturday! It was a glorious day filled with fun connections, delicious food, learning, dancing, and more. Bill McKibben's words, along with Jim & Peg's, were truly inspiring and made us reflect a little more on the importance of green building and including sustainable practices in our everyday lives. Below are some photos from the day and keep your eyes peeled for a longer update on the Grand Opening in our blog and newsletter.

A conscious and responsible connection to the land and our food has always been a value appreciated at CGC. We gifted 560 acres of land to the Vermont Land Trust so that it will never be developed and although we don’t have our own farm on site, we try to buy locally whenever possible.

As our the date set for our Grand Opening gets closer and closer, our excitement steadily grows. We've come so far as an organization since our humble beginnings and on April 30, 2011 we are celebrating the completion of the capstone to our facility.

While wandering around the University of Vermont campus yesterday, Carole and Jim came across a poster titled “101 Things to Do Before You Graduate.” They stopped for a moment and causally read down the list. Guess what the 12th most important thing to do before you graduate is?

With our grand opening event less than 30 days away, we've got sustainability on the mind! I wrote this article for Queen's Karma Magazine in the fall, but thought it was a good reflection and reminder of just how green a vacation at Camp Common Ground can be.

Peg's newest post to our Eco-Lodge Construction Progress page is up! This time around she gives us some insight into furnishing the Lodge, which is harder than you think. Click here to read it.

Something I discovered the very first year our family moved to Vermont: winters here are loooong. How do people cope, I thought? The obvious answer, if (a) you do not follow college hockey and (b) you are not an avid downhill skier – tap your trees and make maple syrup!

While Elin is on vacation for a few weeks, we have a guest staffer in our office who is also today’s guest blogger. Although Anya Swartz is a new face in our office, many of you know her from her long history at Common Ground. Here she shares some thoughts with us:

Peg's newest post to the Eco-Lodge Construction Page is up! Click here to read it.

Recently Monroe Moore, who comes to Camp Common Ground from North Carolina with his partner and three children, wrote to us explaining his family’s tactic for saving for Camp fees: