Sequana Skye is a regular staffer at many of our programs. She’s our lovely camp nurse much of the time, but offers her wisdom on other topics ranging from astrology to film. In 2011 she will be at Camp Common Ground all six weeks and we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve. Here she shares a look back at an afternoon during Lost Arts Week 2010:


We planned a family trip to Ecuador this winter. We took advantage of the confluence of circumstances – kids graduating, or waiting for a job to start, or on winter break – everyone available! So we decided to go for two weeks (Molly), three weeks (Jim & Peg), two days more (Jake), and three months total (Russell).


In case you missed this in the February e-newsletter, we're hosting a CGC photo contest. Here's the scoop: In the doldrums of winter we can't help but fantasize about summer. . . About swimming in the pond, lying in a hammock, fresh veggies, green trees, green grass, heck, green anything. We thought that you might be having similar daydreams, so why not give you an excuse to look through your summer photos?

As a non-profit organization we have an established Board of Directors. This mighty group of 13 guides Common Ground in many ways and we rely heavily on their input and feedback.

As a vegan cook, I am frequently asked what I use to substitute for animal products in my dishes. My usual half-joking response is "magic and love." As I think more about it though, I discover that magic and love are the additives that turn all combinations of ingredients into meals. The alchemy that turns flour, oil and sugar into a fluffy, light cupcake is magical. But that is only one half of the equation.

Peg's newest post to our Eco-Lodge Progress page is up! The Mendell/Kamens family has just returned from a trip to Ecuador, but Peg has gotten right back to work and found the time to write up a progress report for us. It's really starting to come together, click here to read it.

Many of you know Elin as our Operations Coordinator and are used to hearing her helpful voice on the phone as you register for programs. Elin also comes to a week of Camp Common Ground every summer with her children, Cassie and Takumi. While at Camp she can be often be spotted knitting on the porch....

I know that some folks are skeptical about the camp experience and I just wanted to relay my family’s experience. My husband grew up in the New York metropolitan area and was reluctant to venture out into the wilds of Vermont. I had discovered Camp Common Ground from a tiny ad in a homeschooling magazine the year before. We had just returned from a vacation on Cape Cod where I had eaten iceberg lettuce and baked potatoes for most of my meals.

Peg's newest post to the Eco-Lodge Construction Page is up! Click here to read it. (The website elf was a little slow is getting this one up...But it's still the newest entry!)