What could be more fun on a snowy Sunday afternoon than going to the Holiday Art Hop in downtown Burlington, Vermont?  Why not have some fun and enjoy some culture while doing some shopping for gifts for friends and family. The main attraction for Peg and me was the studio of Jackie Mangione. 

In my house we are sitting down to evaluate our end of year donations. This time of year can get so hectic and crazy with holidays, gatherings, school vacations, and more, but I have carved out some time to ponder the people and things that I am truly grateful for. This got me thinking about Marc Gussen and the Closter Nature Center.

We met Marc when my oldest daughter, now 20, was 4 years old. Since that time we have spent as much time in classes with Marc as possible. He is an amazing wealth of knowledge about plants, animals, and just about anything having to do with nature. 

We recently received the following post in an email from long time campers Cindy and Larry Denbaum who came to Camp Common Ground for 10 years with their children Stacy and Eric. Although they haven’t been to camp for a few years, we loved reading about how much Eric’s experience at Common Ground Center influenced his outlook on life. Thanks for sharing Cindy and Larry!

Us CGC office staffers and guests will be regularly writing here at our new Common Ground Center blog.

Over the past two years we have put quite a bit of effort into deliberating our future. We employed a business plan team to help us evaluate our strengths and lend us guidance. As an organization we reviewed and amended our mission statement to better reflect out values and what we do.