Camp Common Ground

 Uncommon Fun for Grownups and Kids!

Four one week sessions beginning on a Saturday. 2016 Dates:

July 16-22

July 23-29

July 30-August 5

August 6-12



Bubbles at Camp Common GroundCamp Common Ground is our inter-generational family camp going into its 20th year. We welcome people of all ages, ethnicities, lifestyles, abilities and economic backgrounds.

This week long family vacation program focuses on creative expression, fun, great food and community. Campers have the opportunity to explore the many options available in one week or to immerse themselves more deeply in one particular activity. New and old friendships are cemented at Camp Common Ground. The extra time spent lingering over meals, on the wrap-around porch, or on the hill watching kids run and play allows for stimulating conversations.  Come make connections with us!  Click Here to view our 2013 brochure. Click here to download camper packet & forms (2015 forms will be posted in Spring 2015).

Family camp is an easy way to vacation with your extended family and friends. Grandparents to toddlers will have the time of their lives!


Read more testimonials here!

“We never get to see our friends anymore so we arranged to spend a week together at Camp Common Ground. No dishes, no stress, just fun – it was great.”
Vanessa ~ Forest Hills, NY

“I’ve told my friends that waking up to each day’s offerings at Camp Common Ground was like being a kid in a candy store.”
Kathy ~ Washington, D.C. 

“Everything was so right, so incredibly well thought out and organized. The place is so full: full of amazing people, awesome food, fantastic accommodations, great unexpected moments of sweetness and surprises, full, rounded activities, peaceful little corners and moments, so much fun. Lots of love and relaxation and safety and freedom. The staff is beyond beyond caring and smart and aware and present and hard working.”
Marcy ~ New York, NY

“My daughter, Annie, blossomed in ways that are still impacting her. Every now and then she will do something new and then say, ‘I could never have done that if I hadn’t gone to CCG!’”
Sara ~ St. Michael’s, MD

“This was the best week of my life!”
Teddy (age 8) ~ Maryland

 Whoever is family by you is family by us! 

 Camp Activities 

At Camp Common Ground we believe that a healthy family vacation should provide opportunities for shared family experiences as well as time for personal growth and revitalization. Our programs incorporate both of these elements, offering a balance of age segregated and multi-age programming. 

In the morning children have the opportunity to participate in activities with their peers, facilitated by experienced youth leaders. During this time, 2-3 adult classes are offered. In the afternoon and evening we offer multi-age activities that families are encouraged to participate in together. 

For a sampling of activity offerings available at camp, click here (the current year's activities will be posted within a month before the first week of camp).

Many campers have told us that they love that at Camp Common Ground their child can have the summer camp experience…and that they get to experience it with them, watching their child change and grow. Through participating in the wide array of activities offered at Camp Common Ground, families create shared family experiences and lasting memories.

"The moments here with my children have been precious. Watching the glow on their faces as they discover the joy of their accomplishments. Watching them dance, sing, play the violin and make new friends. I am so pleased that their hearts have been expanded here at family camp." Cathy ~ Maine

Adult Programs

Adults have the opportunity to explore their own creativity at Camp Common Ground. We strive to create balance by offering classes from a variety of categories including, but not limited to:

  • Arts: glass bead and marble making, watercolors, pastels, pottery, print making, silk painting, floor cloths
  • Music: singing, chanting, chamber music, guitar, piano, drumming
  • Movement: yoga, dance, hiking, tennis, sports, tai chi, improv, circus arts
  • Reflection: meditation, writing, non-violent communication, nature exploration, relaxation

Our staff are all professionals in their field who have experience teaching and practicing their craft. The adult classes are geared towards those who are trying an activity for the first time, as well as more experienced students. There’s no problem with being new at something at CCG. Yet the talent of our instructors is truly demonstrated by the ability of their students to make an enormous amount of progress in a short period of time. We’ve always been amazed with the quality of art on display and the music produced at CCG in a week. Adults are encouraged to share their talents with the community and are welcome to offer camper samplers at camp.

The Alpha Program

3-5 Years Old

The Alpha Program incorporates movement, music, singing and creative projects led by experienced early childhood educators. Our leaders follow the direction of your child’s interests and character while offering games and projects to stimulate their imagination and play.


6-12 Years Old

Kids start their day in “Kidville” – our renowned morning children's program. Children are divided by age or interest and participate in outdoor activities, crafts, cooperative games, and team sports. Our leaders are selected for their experience with children and their ability to develop a fun and creative weekly curriculum. Leaders provide the group with structured activities while also having the flexibility to follow the interests of their group. The Kidville building is equipped with an array of arts and crafts projects, books and games, and is fun central. Kids also have the choice to explore nature - catching salamanders in the wetland, floating handmade boats on the creek, chasing pollywogs in the pond, and building fairy houses in the woods.

Kids are introduced to the importance of community service during their years in Kidville, and each group is challenged to work as a group to give back to the community in some way.











This program is usually divided into two groups, for younger and older teens. Their activities consist of on and off-site activities including off-site adventures, music, art, video, photography, dance and more. The program is designed each week with the input of the teens themselves.

Older teens can participate in the morning adult programs, if they so desire. They may also participate in our "Staff in Training" program, learning new skills or helping out in programs for a reduction in fees. And there is ample opportunity for teen downtime, including the ever popular piling into the hammock or playing music in our teen space. 

Multi-Age Family Programs

The goal of Camp Common Ground's family programs is to provide fantastic multi-age activities which help families to create shared experiences and traditions that are fun for everyone! The afternoons and evenings are family time and we work hard to provide programs that appeal to all ages. Click here for photos. 

In general, afternoon programs include these basic types of activities:

• Nature programs
• Water activities
• Music
• Arts and crafts and

Late in the week, there are often special afternoon events, such as concerts and kid-run carnivals.

After dinner, "Games for Fast Eaters" is offered by family camp staff. The activity is often a group game, for anyone who would like to get up and move while others are lingering over coffee and conversation. This is a time for cooperative and group sports, relay races, and treasure hunts.

Evening programs are also designed for the whole family. Typical activities include African dance, Samba, sing-alongs, campfires, group games, a teen family fishbowl, Ultimate Frisbee, cabaret night and, of course, the Big Show. Sometimes there is a second wind activity, either an evening class or discussion. And for those who prefer to wind down alone or with a group of friends, there are board games on the porch and a library for quiet reading. For a better idea of what a typical day looks like, click here.

Community Service

Community Service has always been an important part of the Camp Common Ground experience and will be a part of all programs this summer. Through working and playing together we build community at family camp.  By sharing the work, we also make our program a more affordable experience for everyone. 

All campers are required to sign up to help in the kitchen, bathrooms or around the site for three hours each week.  More details on community service will be available in the camper packet.

The Common Good Gift Shop

"The Common Good" is Common Ground Center's very own on-site gift shop. The proceeds directly support the creative programming at Common Ground Center.  The Common Good is a great place to find a gift for your neighbor that's watching your dog or a souvenir to remind you of Vermont and Camp. 

We also carry handy items that you may have forgotten at home like toothbrushes and batteries. Just ask!

Feel free to call the office for more information -

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