The Lost Arts Week

Note: We continue to incorporate homeschooling themes into Camp Common Ground, and many homeschooling families have fallen in love with Camp Common Ground. However, we haven't ruled out the possibility of revitalizing the Lost Arts program, and we'd love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to contact us.

Homeschoolers can learn new skills, make new friends, and explore some lost arts that are “new” again.

Fall is a beautiful time to enjoy Vermont! Come enjoy our 700 acre facility, meet other families, relax, and learn new skills. In the past we’ve offered whittling, drumming, building catapults, beekeeping, cooking, recording radio shows, herbal remedies, quilting, storytelling, square dancing, beading, letter writing and archery.

Children will be divided by age into groups - the Bears, Turtles, Coyotes, and Beavers - and travel from class to class doing different activities.

Marc Gussen, naturalist extraordinaire, will be joining us again to teach primitive and survival skills and lead morning and nighttime walks.

Kids also love fiber arts and candle making with Sandra Griffith, a Waldorf trained handiwork teacher.

While the children are engaged, adults can take advantage of the beautiful site, hiking, knitting on the porch, networking, and relaxing.

Sample Schedule (from 2012)

The week will begin after lunch on Monday, September 10, and end after breakfast on Friday, September 14.
Campers are usually divided into “clans” depending on age and do different activities during morning and afternoon time slots. The following is just a taste of what we've done in the past:
Monday Afternoon:
Registration, Unpack, Dinner, Orientation
Breakfast, Shelter-building, Pottery
Lunch, Beeswax Candle Making, Nature Hike
Circle on the Hill, Dinner, Campfire, Astronomy
Wednesday Morning:
Applesauce making, Build a fire from scratch
Lunch, Farm visit (shearing sheep!), Carnival (bobbing for apples; 3-legged race, etc)
Circle on the Hill, Dinner, Music-making
Thursday Morning:
Breakfast, Spinning Yarn/Fiber Arts, Archery
Lunch, Finish projects
Circle on the Hill, Dinner, Big Show (talent show)
Friday Morning:
Packing, Closing Circle


“Sandra’s fiber arts class was amazing. She was extremely helpful and patient.”
Samantha (13) ~ New Jersey

“Even city people can do it!”
Candace & Maya (5) ~ New York City

"During Lost Arts, I enjoy the lost art of hanging out with my family and new friends."
Lynn ~ New Jersey

 Questions? Please call Carole at (802) 881-8278 for more information about the program. Please call our office at 1-800-430-2667 if you have any questions about food, lodging or registration. 

Circles on the hill, starry nights, gorgeous fall scenery, and delicious food all add to the sweetness of this one of a kind experience!